17780004klbusinessnanphelpsKaren Lile Productions, is a California based sole-proprietorship which began as an entity in 2011.  Karen Lile evaluated the long term  relationships that she had established with large corporations, small businesses and with independent contractors when running other businesses and serving the community.   From these long term relationships,  business-to-business contracts wee set up with the sole proprietorship, Karen Lile Productions in 2011.

Today, KLPN.net events, broadcasts and travel are supported by these long term relationships and business-to-business contracts.  The scope of each project varies.  Some projects serve only 15 people at a time going on a safari, other projects extend to 177 countries and 100 million people with broadcast programming.

Why the range in scope of people served?  We have found that is not a conflict of interest to our partnerships with National/International entities to organize small scale events simultaneously, that benefit the community we live in and the places we travel to.

We believe that both local and international scales of operation are important.  What we do is custom designed to the needs of our partners and our mutual clients, so the goals of a particular partnership often determines the scope of the project.

KLPN.NET uses business-to-business partnerships to join together the people, places and other resources necessary to accomplish a common mission. The length of relationships mentioned below, next to each entity, is dated from the time Karen Lile, as an entrepreneur or community leader, has had relationships with the entities mentioned.   Karen Lile Productions was itself formed in 2011 and the business-to-business relationships it has are governed by contracts signed after its formation.  Karen Lile Productions as a company, did not exist prior to 2011.


KLPN.NET’s Team: A Key to Model Illustrated Above

  • Operations/Administration Partnerships
  • (1)     Karen Lile Productions
  • (2)     Financial and Co-Sponsorship Partnerships: Consumer Banking Services and co-sponsorship of the arts in the San Francisco Bay Area U.S. Bank since 2003. The following entities are part of U.S. Bancorp and their teams provide KLPN.NET Financial services, Payment Services and Wholesale Banking since 2015: Elavon, Talech  Single Point.
  • (3)     Operations Partnerships:  Regus since 2013. Regus provides our office spaces and administrative support personnel in San Francisco and Beverley Hills.
  • (4)     Sales/Marketing Partnerships:  Lesher Center for the Arts since 1991,  Comcast Spotlight since 1996.
  • Travel Division Partnerships
  • (5)     KLPN.NET Travel Division
  • (6)     Risk Management:  Schroder Insurance since 1987,  Travel Consumer Restitution Fund since 2015.
  • (7)     Travel Support Partnerships: ARC Corp,  CIBT Visas, Travel Guard
  • (8)     Business-to-Business Clients of Karen Lile Productions.
  • Broadcast Division Partnerships
  • (9)     KLPN.NET Broadcast Division.
  • (10)   Broadcast production, strategic planning and delivery: Comcast Cable since 1996, Sports Byline USA since 2013.
  • (11)    Independent Filmmakers
  • (12)   Independent TV Stations, Public Access, Government and Educational TV stations
  • Events Division Partnerships
  • (13)   KLPN.NET Events Division
  • (14)   Production Partners: Concert Production Services: Lesher Center for the Arts Team since 1991, Tall Ship Battle Sail Partners: Gray’s Harbor Historical Seaport since 2015
  • (15)   Marketing and Partnership on events in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area: Retail Stores and Hotels with a philosophy of community involvement.
  • (16)   Venues, Yacht Clubs and Country Clubs